My Oldest Sister, Our Distant Relationship

The bond I once had with my oldest sister, seemed inseparable. Yes, there was a grand age difference between us, when I entered the Morgan Family I was an infant and my sister was 23 years old, but it did not stop me from stealing her bowls of cesar salads. She would take me out to Riverview where she worked as a dentist in earlier practicing years, just to hang out if she was not busy. Then as I grew older, if her boyfriend had children my age, she would make me with her  to have have fun, see a movie, while she was having dinner. it seems that everything changed.

My sister still in the end got married and had two children. her first child was a sweet baby girl who my mother and I spent the summer she was born looking after her. Even one year, my sister asked me to go to Maui with her family to aid as a nanny. Now, who couldn’t say no to that?

One day out of no where it seems my diagnosis with mental illness, regardless of the fact that I have been psychiatric ward free for seven years now and on the same medications and stable except for one episode two months ago in which I recovered from, from home. My sister just cannot move past that yes, I have been diagnosed with various mental illnesses, but I am still capable. So if she refuses to have me out of her live, that in the end is her loss, not mine.


Author: Katiejane

I am 28 years old, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I was adopted at the age of two due to being born premature with a brain condition unknown as Hydrocephalus. Today, I continue to battle both physical and mental health issues, but in my spare time I blog about my journey in life for others to read. All you can do is take life one day at a time. Nothing more, nothing less.

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