Chronic Urticaria… You Say What?

On a family trip in January of 2001, myself, my sister Angela, our mother and my sister’s newborn son were all headed to Alberta, Canada to visit a family remember. Now until now I had never had any allergies of any kind, nothing. So we ordered pizza one night back at the motel and as usual thought nothing of it. Then I could feel my feels starting to swell, along with with my lips. Then I went to the bathroom to find that I was covered in these strange bumps. I had no idea what they were until, but my mom and sister sure did. Course of treatment, Benadryl. My sister headed out in a snowstorm to get me some relief. The hives went away and we thought that was the end of it, WRONG!

I started having episodes of breaking out of hives at home at random times, daily. We started tracking everything I ate. drank, did, but nothing make sense to us. So my GP sent me off to an Allergy Specialist. I thought to myself, today my misery is going to end only to find out that would be, short lived however. Dr. Ross Chang did discover a slight allergy to cheese, but nothing that would see to the hives that I was having. He of course ask about family history which I did not know at the time having not met my biological parents. Once I did meet them a few years after all this my biological mother Dayna let me know she had suffered from dairy allergies in particular milk allergies.

Once all dairy was taken out of my diet the hives went away until 2003 when BANG! They came back, I had not been consuming dairy, so back to the allergy specialist for more testing, but nothing showed up in any of the testing that was done. So now it was time to see my GP to see what he thought was the next step. This time there was a chance my hives were not allergy base and more autoimmune base.

So my GP made a referral to Rolfe Luongo a Rheumatologist. My mother happened to had seen him at the same time for one of her medical condition, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Dr. Luongo started me on a medication called Plaquenil which over time took the hives away, but my hives were labeled as Autoimmune Hives, meaning my immune system turns on itself and because I have an overactive immune system.

As those medication such as the Plaquenil do not work anymore, my hives come and go into remission every 3 to 6 years lasting a year to 2 years in between, No Reactine, Benadryl, Steroid, nothing works to stop the itch, I am on my own.






Author: Katiejane

I am 28 years old, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I was adopted at the age of two due to being born premature with a brain condition unknown as Hydrocephalus. Today, I continue to battle both physical and mental health issues, but in my spare time I blog about my journey in life for others to read. All you can do is take life one day at a time. Nothing more, nothing less.

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