Up-Date On My Osteomyelitis

June 20th marked the day when each course of antibiotics were stopped, both oral and via PICC Line. It was time to see how my leg would react to being without the support of the antibiotics on board. I had my worries hearing nightmare stories, but I needed to keep positive for the sake of my leg and body in trying to get this leg to heal.

My Infectious Disease doctor did tell me that pain would go away if I elevated my leg, stopped working out, and so forth to allow the leg to heal. However the pain has been increase and I am on a lesser form of Tylenol 3 known as Tylenol 1. It helps with the pain, but even it now is having the challenge of keeping the pain under control.

As we are also dealing with a summer heat wave, that causes more swelling in my already swollen leg. Summer is just not the right reason to deal with these issues. The wound on my bad leg looks better but I still question if it is ever going to heal or if doctors are going to have to intervene.



Osteomyelitis Return After Only Two Days?!?!?

My Infectious Disease doctor, Dr. Richard Lester, just on June 20th had released me from the program as my leg was going a wonderful job and looking great. That Monday I was taken off all oral and antibiotics via PICC Line for the first time since April 2nd. I thought to myself, I was finally going to be getting some life back. As I was no longer going to need to go to Wound Care everyday, but rather just twice a week Thursday following that Monday was my first appointment. Sadly, the nurse on duty was already concerned about the infection returning due to the temperature in my leg and the redness moving up my left leg. So I got a hold on the pharmacist at Vancouver General Hospital that works along side my doctor and told her what was going on and she recommended that I see Dr. Lester as soon as possible. I am hoping for the best as always but prepared for the worst.

Not a fun time.

An Important Date to Remember

As my treatment for my Osteomyelitis started back on April 2nd, forcing me to enter a world of no showering and no working out, it was a tad devastating to be honest. Then my Infectious Disease doctor, Dr. Richard Lester at Vancouver General Hospital, and his team agreed to allow me to start walking on the treadmill, just 15 minutes a day. Everything was going well until my PICC Line dressing kept coming off due to sweat and a rash forming under the tape of the dressing. So the nurses at Wound Care agreed that the working out had to stop until we were given the all clear, meaning when the PICC Line came out.

After two months of no shower, just a sponge bath, and also getting back into my workout routine. YAY!

Osteomyelitis is a tough battle as you never know wheen it will flare up again, but hopefully never, ever again!

Working Out In the Presence of Osteomyelitis

Working out in the presence of  any bone disorder should be confirmed by your attending doctor before pursuing advice of any blog writer alike myself who is simply sharing their personal experience.

Yes, weighing 378lbs, I could not stand being that weight anymore. As I have been limited in my workout routine to due my Osteomyelitis and an open wound on my lower left leg (shin area), but also using them as an excuse till last Monday as I decided to take control and watch what I eat and slowly walk my why up on the treadmill in the basement,

I started off with 12 minutes twice a day and now I am at 15 minutes twice a day working my way by to 25 minutes twice daily. Why twice a day you might ask? It is so that I do not stress my bad leg out.

I can do that as I have done this time before.

Go ME Go!

Promise to Myself

With the diagnosis of Osteomyelitis it is indeed a wake up call. Why, you might ask? With weighing roughly 375lbs, I know it is going to take time, but this weight needs to come off, slowly and steady. I don’t want to find myself starving myself or weighing myself numerous times a day like past behaviours. I will only weigh myself at my GP’s office once a month, and eat minimal carbohydrates and zero sugar where possible.

For exercise due to my bad leg, my Infectious Disease doctor has limited me to ten minutes twice a day of walking on the treadmill. Just walking on the flat surface, at a slow but steady pace. I do not want to cause anymore damage to my injured leg then what has already been done.

I am determined to do this right, I have said that before, but being 375lbs at 28 years old is life altering.


Letter About My Osteomyelitis to Dr. C. Leung

June 3rd, 2017

Re: Osteomyelitis

Dear Dr. C. Leung,

All this started the end of March, with the official diagnosis April 2nd, 2017, from Dr. Jan Hayjek. I expressed my concerns at the time about losing my leg, and he laughed it off as if it were a silly question, or something that was indeed not going to happen.

Here we are, going to enter my third IV treatment via PICC Line along with oral antibiotics as there has been little important. My leg is getting large, I am limited on what I can do in terms of physical activity due to my leg bone infection or the Osteomyelitis and actual leg wound, without causing more damage.

I do fear that this leg will not make it as I see professionals struggle to find the proper treatment to cure the infection raging in my leg. I know weighing 375lbs is not helping my situation, but also when I stress I binge eat. They go hand in hand.

I know I can only take it one day at a time, but it just seems so overwhelming right now.


Katiejane Morgan

Osteomylitis: Up-Date

On May 11th, 2017, I went for my follow-up appointment with the Infectious Disease Department with Dr. R. Lester at Vancouver General Hospital. He had become my primary doctor after Dr. J. Hajek headed to Africa to treat a bound of individuals with Ebola. Dr. Hajek was the first ID (Infectious Disease) doctor to diagnosis me with OM (Osteomylitis).

As there had been no follow up since my inital appointment on April 2nd, 2017, and my PICC Line via antibiotic treatment was running out, Dr. Lester took over my file and treatment plan which was a relief. As at this point my calve was still extremely swollen, red, and the wound itself was draining still, not a good sign. This time around I was also experiencing pain

It turns out that the infection was getting worse, so another six weeks of PICC Line via antibiotics were indeed ordered along with an oral antibiotic. My GP prescribed me some Tylenol 3 to help with the pain, which keeps it under control.

My next appointment with Dr. Lester is June 15th, at 10am. Then will see what the next step it.